[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Grinding Spots (2024)

Sometimes you come to the point in a game where you just can’t seem to progress, no matter what you do. The most common answer to this question is – you’re too weak. Farm up some souls, get levels, upgrade your weapons, and you’ll see how everything melts in your path. This article will cover some of the best farming grinding locations in Dark Souls 3, and how many souls they yield.

10. Lothric Knights After Princes

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After the Twin Princes of Lothric boss fight, you’ll come across a courtroom guarded by four Lothric Knights. These enemies are quite tough, as we all know, so you should find some way of easily dealing with them – whatever you wish, although the best route is to use sorcery, something like Soul Spears would work wonders here. Each knight will give you 4000 Souls, which makes this area quite good for farming after Princes.

Total Souls farmed: 16000+ per run.

9. Anor Londo Silver Knights

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At the very beginning of Anor Londo, you will be faced with three Silver Knights. These enemies are relatively easy to deal with, so it shouldn’t be a problem to dispatch them quickly and head back to the bonfire. One of the Silver Knights is red-eyed, so it should give you a bit more resources than the others. Rinse and repeat for best results.

Total Souls farmed: 7500+ per run

8. Church of Yorshka

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This grinding spot is one of the more efficient ones in the article because it’s actually a loop, so you start at the bonfire, and the route you need to take to farm the necessary souls will eventually lead you right back to the church bonfire so you can just repeat the process. Most of the enemies here can be killed with plunging attacks, so there isn’t much risk of dying. You start at the Church of Yorshka and turn left after exiting. You then make your way to the fog gate that leads to Pontiff Sulyvahn, and directly opposite the gate is a ledge where you kill one more enemy and end up back at the bonfire.

Total Souls farmed: 6000+ per run

7. Ghru and Elder Ghru

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This run is very simple because you can quickly dispatch the three Ghru which are right next to the Keep Ruins bonfire, then you can kill the Elder Ghru on the right side from range, or engage them in direct combat for faster farming. This is best done by mages who can dish out loads of damage from a distance and defeat the enemies more quickly. You’re looking at a rather good yield considering the very low risk of dying here. Just be careful of the ranged attacks from the Elder Ghru.

Total Souls farmed: 6000+ per run

6. Corvian Settlement

[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Grinding Spots (5)

One of the areas with the highest number of enemies, the Corvian Settlement proves to be quite a difficult place to farm for Souls, but it is very rewarding. The enemies here do not drop that many Souls, but there is a large number of them. Aside from the smaller enemies, you also Sewer Centipedes and Corvian Knights here, which yield many more souls, but are also much more difficult to kill.

Total Souls Farmed: 7500+ per run

5. Snowy Mountain Pass

[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Grinding Spots (6)

The Snowy Mountain Pass offers another multitude of enemies to farm. These guys are quite easy to stun-lock, so they’re quite simple to kill, plus there’s a lot of them, so each run is going to net you a high number of Souls each time. All of the enemies in this area are armed with many different weapons, so be careful not to get swarmed and attack them one at a time, just to be safe.

Total Souls farmed: 10000+ per run

4. Irythill Centipedes

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The sewers underneath Irythill of the Boreal Valley are chock full of these giant, creepy-looking centipedes. As enemies, they aren’t really that dangerous, and most players can just kill them in a short period. There are a lot of them, however, and you need to be careful not to get swarmed by all of them, or else you’re gonna have a bad time. There are nine centipedes in total.

Total Souls farmed: 6750 per run

3. Sleeping Giants

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In the area right after Pontiff Sulyvahn, you’ll come across a courtyard full of sleeping Giants. You might recognize this area as being quite popular for PvP purposes. Only two of the Giants are alive though, so you can wake them up and deal with them as you please. It’s best to bring your most powerful weapons along with you, as the Giants are rather powerful and you should be careful when facing them.

Total Souls Farmed: 7600 per run

2. Ringed City Knights

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The Ringed City DLC offers some of the best enemies in the form of the Ringed Knights, powerful enemies with holes in their chests. They are characterized by their comically large and complex weapons, such as the Ringed Knight Paired Greatsword and others. Four Knights await you in the Ringed City, and each of them drops 7000 Souls, quite the haul. While they are dangerous enemies, they aren’t impossible to kill, just bring some Frost or Bleed damage with you and bait backstabs.

Total Souls farmed: 28000 per run

1. Winged Knights in the Grand Archives

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Some of the most dangerous enemies in the game are the Ascended Winged Knights, giant knights wielding massive weapons who are very hard to deal with. This is easily circumvented by using Hidden Body and Rapport, to make the knights fight each other, after which you can just kill off the damaged knights. Each one will net you 13000 Souls per kill, making this one of the best farming locations in the game, if a bit more difficult.

Total Souls farmed: 39000 per run

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[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Grinding Spots (2024)


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