The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (2024)


  • Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic game with an enhanced combat system and modern nuances that make gameplay more satisfying.
  • The game offers a range of mods, like More Item Drops and Easy Souls III, to customize the experience for players on PC.
  • Mods like Proper PC Experience and Cinders overhaul the game, offering players new weapons, areas, and enhanced visuals for a fresh experience.

Dark Souls is an excellent game. Gamers who wanted more from this series would've been elated at the prospect of a sequel that would bring forth more of the same interconnected level design and perfectly tailored difficulty. However, while Dark Souls 2 was a great game in its own right, most people tend to think that it's the weakest Soulsborne game around, mainly due to a lack of input from Hidetaka Miyazaki himself.


10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is an unforgiving experience and there are a lot of big mistakes that players make during their first playthrough.

Thankfully, this wasn't the case with Dark Souls 3. Miyazaki came into the picture once again to craft a brilliant title that would embody everything that made the first game in the trilogy great. It also integrated modern nuances to make combat and gameplay all the more satisfying. This game is a massive treat for PC players since they can use the magic Dark Souls 3 mods to alter the game in new and interesting ways, which is something that console players simply can't enjoy because of the rigid restrictions imposed on these systems.

Updated June 8, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: Dark Souls 3 is a game that caps off the trilogy on a high note. Players had some issues from its inferior level design and lack of interesting weapons, but players who looked past these issues enjoyed one of the best action RPGs of the modern era.

Players who know this title inside-out can make things interesting for themselves on PC by downloading a wealth of mods to make things easier for them. This title can be tweaked in minor ways or completely overhauled, with the best Dark Souls 3 mods being a treat for both new and old fans to get into.

31 More Item Drops

Downloads: 4,423

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (2)

If there's one thing the Dark Souls games are known for, it's the ridiculous item drop rate for certain rare items that makes it a pain to farm these treasures. While some people may have the patience to stick to this grind, other players would want to respect their time and enhance the chance of acquiring these items somehow.

Mods can prove to be invaluable in this regard, with the More Item Drops mod doing a great job of eliminating the pains one has to deal with while farming certain items. It may seem like a small mod, but most players will love the idea of enjoying the game as is instead of having to go through so many loopholes along the way.

30 Embers

Downloads: 4,606

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (3)

The lighting in Dark Souls 3 gets the job done, with the atmosphere of this game being pretty riveting in its own way. Still, some players want more from a game where its atmosphere is critical for immersion in this dark, brooding world.

Embers is a mod that strives to improve the atmosphere of the game by making its lighting as atmospheric as possible. This makes for a great way to reexperience the game for players who don't mind darker areas where it's up to the player to secure a source of lighting while also fending off the many tough enemies that players have to deal with.

29 Easy Souls III

Downloads: 9,613

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (4)

A lot of people will argue that the magic of the Dark Souls games stems from its difficulty and how rewarding it feels to circumvent a challenge after struggling time and time again. However, some players want to enjoy the amazing worldbuilding and atmosphere of this world without being too intimidated by its gameplay.


Dark Souls 3: Pro Tips For Farming Titanite

Farming Titanite in Dark Souls 3 is a simple matter of targeting the right enemies, hunting the right items, or finding Titanite from other sources.

This is where the Easly Souls III mod comes into the picture, with its function being apparent to any who reads the title. It essentially adds an easy mode for Dark Souls 3 that lets players go through the game without feeling stressed every step of the way, which is a great way to make this title more accessible for players.

28 Minimalistic HUD

Downloads: 27,727

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (6)

The HUD of Dark Souls 3 does a decent job of communicating everything important, giving players the clarity they need to not fumble about embarrassingly if they want access to a certain item during pulse-pounding battles where a single moment of indecision can lead to their demise. However, while this heads-up display has been constructed with a ton of care, some players wouldn't mind a UI that is a bit less intrusive and doesn't cover up too much of the screen.

This is where the Minimalistic HUD mod comes into the picture, which does an excellent job of giving players the clarity they always had with the vanilla display without cluttering the screen all that much. The mod is inspired by Bloodborne, using the same format for its HUD and being quite pleasing to the eyes, making it a simple yet great mod for players to check out for themselves.

27 First Person Cam

Downloads: 29,410

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (7)

Playing Dark Souls 3 in first-person is pretty much asking for death. After all, being aware of one's surroundings is paramount to ensure that players survive in this tough game.

However, if players are adamant about experiencing Dark Souls 3 in the third-person, then this mod is as good a fit as any. Of course, the game is pretty janky to play in this state, so it should be used as more of a novel way to check the game out than anything else.

26 Modern Firearm

Downloads: 31,209

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (8)

The idea of using modern firearms in Dark Souls 3 sounds absolutely ludicrous. However, there's no denying that some people are intrigued to see how such a concept can be pulled off.


Dark Souls 3: 9 Tips For Avoiding Invasions

Invaders are out for blood, which can make an already difficult game like Dark Souls 3 even more punishing.

The Modern Firearm mod lets players experience the same. Whipping out an automatic rifle and blasting enemies with bullets in Dark Souls 3 is something that could only be accomplished with the use of mods, and the weapons present in this one are decent enough to carry players through an entire run.

25 Bloodborne Weapons

Downloads: 31,817

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (10)

While Bloodborne's array of weapons is notably less than that of the Dark Souls trilogy, most people don't mind this change. This is because FromSoftware decided to prioritize quality instead of quantity, with almost every weapon featuring a unique moveset and a different transformed state that is a blast to mess around with. So, it's easy to see why people wanted to mess around with these weapons in Dark Souls 3 as well.

A modder decided to make this fantasy a reality by adding all the weapons from Bloodborne into the game, that too with their transformed states! They're a blast to use in Dark Souls 3, even if the game itself isn't tailored to deal with the gameplay style of Bloodborne... but that's a minor gripe for what is otherwise a truly amazing mod!

24 The Blades Of Ashina

Downloads: 32,354

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (11)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an excellent title that focused on a combat loop of parrying and breaking an opponent's stance, which ended up making for a truly excellent game that was a breath of fresh air from the usual Soulsborne formula. In fact, this game was so popular that a modder developed a set of new and unique weapons for Dark Souls 3 with a moveset inspired by this game.

The Blades of Ashina is a simple and fun mod that does a great job of integrating these weapons and letting players mess around with new movesets. That's not the only addition — it also adds new armor sets, magic, transformation items, and starting classes too! The sheer wealth of changes is impressive, and it's easy to see why so many players rate this mod highly.

23 Dark Souls 3 Enhanced Co-op

Downloads: 35,037

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (12)

Co-op is a great way to make Dark Souls 3 more stimulating, with players taking on tough areas together and having a great time interacting with each other as they try to surpass certain tough areas and make bosses easier to deal with. However, phantoms can only be summoned in certain areas, which limits the effectiveness of this support somewhat.


Dark Souls 3: Every Straight Sword, Ranked

Most Straight Swords tend to go overlooked in FromSoftware's Dark Souls 3, but this category's best weapons are fantastic.

Players who want co-op to be as accessible as possible don't have to deal with these issues anymore once they download the Dark Souls 3 Enhanced Co-op mod, which lets players summon phantoms almost anywhere in the game. It can genuinely transform Dark Souls into a cohesive co-op adventure as players team up together and lay waste to the many enemies that dare cross their path.

22 Level 802 All In-game Items

Downloads: 35,046

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (14)

This may not be an outright mod per se, but players who want to enjoy everything possible in the game without worrying about dying over and over again will find this save file to be a blast to check out. Level 802 is no joke, and players have to grind quite a bit to make the Ashen One so strong that he can one-shot most enemies without facing too many problems.

To make things even better, this save file includes all in-game items for players to mess around with, meaning that they can equip the weapons and armor of their choice without being restricted in any way. This mod is a great way for players to either test out certain builds or just blast through the game and turn what should be a tough title into a power fantasy.

21 Hunter's Combat

Downloads: 36,357

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (15)

For people who wanted Dark Souls 3 to have more of a Bloodborne feel in terms of combat, Hunter's Combat is the perfect mod for them. It allows players to essentially utilize the firearm parry and visceral attacks present in Bloodborne, along with the use of four trick weapons — the Threaded Cane, Ludwig's Holy Blade, Saw Cleaver, and the Rakuyo.

This transforms the experience gamers would enjoy while playing Dark Souls. With the unique weapons of Bloodborne added to the mix, it's easy to see why fans would be elated to check out a combination of both games that bring out the best in each other.

20 Proper PC Experience Mod

Downloads: 40,549

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (16)

With console generations evolving, it's only a given that the majority of players who are playing Dark Souls 3 right are doing so on a PC. As a result, it's important for these players to try and figure out the best way possible to optimize their experience on this system, and it doesn't take an expert to state that mods play a huge role in this regard.


Dark Souls 3 offers a notoriously difficult gaming experience, but with these weapons, it can actually be made much easier.

The Proper PC Experience Mod is a must-have for players who want this game to run as well as possible on their systems. Benefits include a better FoV, G-Sync, ultrawide support, better FPS, and refresh rates, along with a bunch of other modifiers that make this mod such a great addition to anyone's PC copy of Dark Souls 3.

19 DS3 Ascended Mod RPG

Downloads: 41,804

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (18)

The Ascended Mod for the Soulsborne games is pretty popular in the community, with this particular mod for Dark Souls3 being quite engaging in that regard.

While there's a normal version of the mod that can be applied to augment the game's difficulty slightly, the real challenge comes from Ascended Mode. In this mode, Dark Souls 3 becomes a challenging gauntlet that will frustrate players who aren't able to deal with the level of difficulty in this mod.

18 Texture Improvement

Downloads: 41,907

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (19)

Dark Souls is certainly a great game that still looks amazing to this day, but there are still some people who think that the game's visuals can still be improved, even to a marginal extent. This can be enabled by downloading the Texture Improvement Mod, which does precisely what is stated in the title. It's a simple yet great way to make the game look even more beautiful.

People who have the hardware to enjoy the best of these upgraded textures should check it out since it can go a long way in making the act of playing this game more immersive than ever before. These texture improvements may seem superficial, but how important this mod would be to someone is purely subjective.

17 Hollow Overhaul

Downloads: 45,568

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (20)

Many hardcore fans of FromSoftware find Dark Souls 3 to be one of their easier games. Well, with the Hollow Overhaul mod, the difficulty of the game is increased quite a bit.

It increases the challenge posed by enemies while removing certain bonfires too. There are a bunch of other changes and alterations to the game that make it a fresh and challenging experience for veterans.

16 DS3 Easy Mode

Downloads: 49,194

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (21)

Accessibility has become a huge talking point in games, with many players feeling that Dark Souls suffers from a limited audience due to the series' perceived difficulty. Some people want to play a game just to relax, and Dark Souls 3 doesn't facilitate that.


10 Most Underrated Soulsborne Bosses

Some of the best Soulsborne bosses are often seen as underrated in the community.

This is where the Easy Mode mod comes into the picture. Its function should be pretty obvious and does a great job of letting new players get into this game without too many difficulties.

15 Extreme MegaMule

Downloads: 49,337

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (23)

For the uninitiated, MegaMule is a save file containing every item in the game that can be upgraded by players to their heart's content without worrying about a lack of resources. This, coupled with a character who essentially starts as a blank slate, means that fans can play through Dark Souls 3 using experimental and optimal builds that would not have been possible on a fresh save.

Extreme MegaMule for Dark Souls 3 comes with many varieties for players who want to experiment. So, only experts who've played through the game and know what it's about should check out this mod. Of course, new players can also test out this MegaMule, but their first playthrough will be tainted as a result.

14 Pocket Souls

Downloads: 51,701

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (24)

The thought of using the enemies of Dark Souls-like Pokemon sounds like a ridiculous idea. However, one can't deny that there's some level of entertainment to be enjoyed with such a tactic.

This is exactly what the mod Pocket Souls aims to accomplish. The mod brings a whole new level of interactivity with the enemies of Dark Souls by allowing players to capture them using Abyssal Souls — the mod's take on Pokéballs — and unleashing them on enemies in the game.

13 Challenge Mods

Downloads: 58,274

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (25)

The Challenge Mods are a set of modifications for Dark Souls. Players can tweak them as per their convenience to allow for a whole host of unique scenarios and — fittingly enough — challenges.


Dark Souls 3: Every Covenant In The Game, Ranked

The best covenant in Dark Souls 3 provides players immense power from the rewards of following them, and here's their potential.

What makes this mod pack so popular is the fact that it has a script that essentially allows players to summon Stands of enemy characters. This turns the game into a massive JoJo reference that is an absolute blast to play through.

12 Keyboard Icons

Downloads: 59,116

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (27)

There's no denying that a controller is the optimal way to play Dark Souls 3. However, some PC purists might still want to try this game out on their keyboard and mouse, which is where this mod comes in handy.

For some reason, Dark Souls 3 doesn't have proper keyboard icons for many of its prompts. This shoddy PC support can be corrected with a mod that adds keyboard icons into a game for a bevy of actions, which should've been the norm from the get-go.

The 31 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods, Ranked (2024)


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