Easier Covenant Item Drops (2024)

Here's the thing: farming covenant rewards offline is a royal pain in the backside, especially those Proofs of Concord Kept. And, even when playing online, Blade of the Darkmoon covenant is pretty messed up. On top of this, not everyone can afford to play online to farm covenant rewards, or simply just lack the skill to do it consistently. And for the way I see it, everyone shold get at least one chance to get the platinum, if they wish to try and get it. But balance is important as well, so let's get things straight: this mod doesn't give you anything out of the bat, nor lets you conveniently buy those rewards for an easy way out. You will still have to earn them the old fashioned way; the only thing this mod does is greatly enhance your chances of dropping those covenant rewards.

Every covenant reward related drop has been given a much higher chance of dropping, roughly 50% chance, with a 25% chance for the second drop. Meaning: if an enemy has a chance to drop two stack of an item, the first stack will drop with a chance of 50%, while the second one will have a 25% chance of dropping. I personally think this way you can still keep a fair amount of balance, while retaining the need to go and make a genocide of the creatures that hold the items you want.

Please NOTE: This mod is made with my other mod More Item Drops - Always drop something in mind, and you could see it as a companion mod of this one, and you can follow the merging instructions to use them together if you want. They can be used separately though, by all means.

I will NOT make alternative versions of this mod with increased drop rates, but I will tell you in the install instructions how to do it yourself, if you so wish. Now let's get into business and see how to install this mod.

Installation via Data0.bdt: just download the corresponding file and drop it in either you main game folder (where the game exe is located) or in your ModEngine folder

Installation via merging (aka: if you have other mods using Data0.bdt file)

NOTE: If you already used DSMapStudio to merge any mods together, you can skip the steps from 1 to 4. All you will have to do is to click on "Open Project" instead of "New Project" and select the one you previously created, if you didn't delete it.

1 - Download DSMapStudio using this link (Note: upon clicking download will start automatically)

2 - Create a folder named DSMapStudio inside your game folder (where the exe is located) and drag/drop the contents of the DSMapStudio-1.06 inside that new folder.

3 - Launch the program (make sure you have all the pre-requisites for using it) and look the app menu. On the top-left corner click on "File", then on "New Project", like shown in the picture below

Easier Covenant Item Drops (1)

4 - Upon selecting "New Project" you will see a pop-up window with some filed to fill, like so:

Easier Covenant Item Drops (2)

Chose whatever you like as Project Name (a file named Project.json will be created in the process). In the Project Directory field click the browse button (the little folder icon on the right) and browse for the location of your Data0.bdt. Typically, it's either the main game folder OR your ModEngine folder (Using ModEngine is highly recommended and incouraged. If you can, DON'T use your vanilla game files. Ultimately, it's your choice. Whatever you chose, backup your Data0.bdt file. As for the Game Executable field, and do the same as above, only this time you will have to select your DarkSoulsIII.exe file.

5 - Upon finishing, click on Param Editor and you will have something like this in front of you:

Easier Covenant Item Drops (3)

At this point, look in the "Search" field on top of the left colum and type ItemLotParam. You will have something like this in front of you:

Easier Covenant Item Drops (4)

6 - Download my .csv file and unpack it in a foler on your desktop. While having ItemLotParam selected in the left column, look again in the top left corner of your program window, and select Edit once again. This time you will have to select "Import CSV", then "From File", then "All". Like in the image below

Easier Covenant Item Drops (5)

At this point you will have to browse to the location where you extracted my CSV file, then select it.

7 - Go to "File" in the top-left corner and select "Save All". And you're done!

8 - Go wild with farming, and in case you have fun post a screenshot
here, and perhaps give some feedback, it would be much appreciated! :D

NOTE FOR INCREASING DROP RATES!If you wish to improve drop rates for covenant rewards even more, perhaps bringing them to 100%, here's what you'll want to do.

1 - Once again, you will need to open DSMapStudio (Follow the above tutorial for project creation and so on, if you need it)
2 - Once you have your project open, look for the ItemLotParam
3 - Look for the modified entries in your file

PRO TIP: If you type "Modified" in the search bar above every column, DSMapStudio will automatically bring up any modified entry in your file. As a side note, modified entries will be flagged in green, to make them even easier to find, like this:

Easier Covenant Item Drops (6)

Waaaaay faster! Now, back to business...

4 - Select any of the entries, and you will see a bunch of rows, but the ones you will want to look for are the LotItemBasePoint lines, which are the ones which determine the chance of an item to be added to the pool of possible drop rates from a specific enemy. Like shown in the picture below:

Easier Covenant Item Drops (7)

See that 500 in the Item 2 row? That's the chance of Proof of Concord Kept to drop from a Silver Knight. As you can see on the right side, that number was a 10 before, and the reason is quite simple. As we know, Proof of Concord Kept has a 1% chance of dropping, which means it will be shown as a 10 in the game files, as you can see here. The point is: every value you want to set up should be multiplied by 10, so in the picture above the item has a 50% drop rate (50x10=500, quite elementary in fact). The only thing to keep in mind is that you must retain the overall value of 1000.

Eg: In the picture above (which is from the 1.0 version of the mod) I did set drop chance for Proof of Concord Kept to 50%, but I forgot to adjust the above value, which is the chance for no drop at all, at 99%. This was corrected in the 1.1 update, so that number is now 500, meaning you have a 50% chance of dropping the covenant item. If you wish to set this chance to 100% you will need to set LotItemBasePoint01 to 0 and LotItemBasePoint02 to 1000. Same applies to every other covenant item of the list. At the end of the day, is just a matter of math

5 - Knowing this, to increse the rate yourself you will just have to modify that number, so if you wish to bring it to 100% you will have to change the value to 1000, then save.

Easier Covenant Item Drops (2024)


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