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Leveling up can make your character stronger and make fights easier than before. My guide will examine how to be effective at Soul Farming in Dark Souls 3.

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I am a Dark Souls fan having spent 800+ hours in the game. Knowing every secret to the game, you can trust my insights on any Dark Souls-related guides!

Key Takeaways

  • Leveling up enhances character strength and makes fights easier, making efficient soul farming vital in Dark Souls 3.

  • Equip items that boost soul gathering, such as the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, to optimize soul farming efficiency.

  • Certain locations offer high-yield soul farming spots, including Road of Sacrifices, Sewers Under Irythyll Castle, Church of Yorshka, and Archdragon Peak.

  • Consider the Top of the Grand Archives for the most rewarding soul-farming location, where enemies yield substantial souls and the chance for large Titanite shard drops.

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Table of Contents

My Tested Tips & Tricks

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Before diving into the dangerous dungeons, I strongly suggest equipping these items to achieve the efficient soul farming tactics I will list below.

1. Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

Fallen foes yield 10% more souls, rounded down.
+1 Version (NG+)+20%
+2 Version (NG++)+30%
+3 Version (The Dreg Heap)+35%

Serpent Ring Stats table.

I have found this item highly valuable for soul farming in multiple playthroughs. It boosts soul absorption by up to 20%, and when combined with the Symbol of Avarice, it reaches a 44% increase.

Notably, it can even be utilized in PVP battles. To obtain it, head to Firelink Shrine and do the tree jump. Go past the area where you drop items and hit the wall to reveal a secret pathway.

Drop down and open the chest to find the Covetus Silver Serpent Ring.

2. Shield of Want

SkillWeapon Skill
Weapon TypeStandard Shields
Wgt. 5.5
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost-

Shield of Want stats table.

This shield bolsters soul collection and offers substantial defensive benefits, though it demands a high 18 strength. It enhances soul gains by 20%.

In my opinion, the major selling point for this item is the strength requirement applies only to holding it, not activating the passive effect. To acquire it, visit the Smouldering Lake and retrieve it from a corpse beside the giant worm, easily spotted.

My Locations Picks For Soul Farming

Dark Souls 3 Soul Farming: Best Tips And Locations - VeryAli Gaming (3)

Now that I have the tips out of the way, let’s discuss the locations. These locations will help you through the early game to the end game. Depending on your level, you can easily farm the souls from these locations and upgrade your weapons.

1. Road of Sacrifices

Just before the early game boss, The Abyss Watchers offers an excellent early game farming spot, yielding around 4000 souls every two minutes. It stands out for several reasons.

  1. Darkwraiths handle most of the work, allowing you to collect souls as they fight your foes at the hilltop.
  2. Certain enemies drop Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass; although the drop rate is modest, you can turn them in at the Covenant of the Watchdogs of Farron.
  3. You can place your summoning sign by the Abyss Watcher encounter, aiding your progress and swiftly defeating the Abyss Watchers.

2. Sewers Under Irythyll Castle

  1. The spider creatures in this area grant 990 souls per kill and are easily dispatched.
  2. Simply follow the circuit, eliminating all the enemies. You can amass 9000 souls every other minute with minimal effort by doing this repeatedly.
  3. After defeating the spider creatures, use a homeward bone to return to the nearest bonfire, allowing you to continuously farm souls efficiently.

3. Church of Yorshka

This location is also in Irithyll, conveniently close to the previous one I discussed. Running this lap yields around 7200 souls every two minutes, slightly less than the sewers, but with a higher Titanite shard drop rate.

  1. Starting from the Church, head left, execute a plunging attack on the Fire Witch for 2500 souls.
  2. Proceed up the stairs, eliminating two foes, and continue forward, dealing with any enemy in your path.
  3. You can also utilize your summon sign to handle co-op players, as this area is prone to invasions.
  4. After defeating the enemies, return to the Church bonfire to reset the circuit.

4. Archdragon Peak

Dark Souls 3 Soul Farming: Best Tips And Locations - VeryAli Gaming (4)

Word to the Wise: This location offers the highest soul drops, but be aware that enemies here exclusively yield souls and no other items. That is why I recommend keeping it as an optional secret area.

  1. A Mage continuously summons enemies in this area just past the second bonfire.
  2. Every time you slay one, a new foe materializes immediately.
  3. Equip your most powerful melee weapon, wait for the summon to appear, and execute a backstab to eliminate them, garnering 5280 souls per kill.
  4. To maximize soul collection, wear the Hornet Ring to boost critical attack damage, potentially earning about 100,000 souls every 5-10 minutes.

5. Top of the Grand Archives

The final location for Soul Farming is challenging but incredibly rewarding. The enemies here yield substantial soul amounts and offer a chance to drop large Titanite shards.

  1. Start from the bonfire, take the elevator to the top, and exit through the left door to reach the rooftop.
  2. You’ll encounter three Winged Knights, susceptible to backstabs but hit hard if not handled carefully.
  3. To simplify the process, eliminate the ax-wielding Winged Knight first as he patrols the rooftops.
  4. Deal with the Halberd Knights one by one. You’ll receive a Titanite slab the first time you defeat these three in one go.
  5. Effectively clearing them out allows you to collect 60,000 souls every 5 minutes and three large Titanite shards worth 4,000 souls each.
  6. This location offers a significant return for your efforts.

My Experience With Soul Farming

In my experience, soul farming isn’t required much until you reach the end of the game or want to start going into the DLCs. The best area to farm is the Top of the Grand Archives. Just get a Chaos Dagger +10 with a Hornet Ring, and you should be able to kill the giant guards in 3 backstabs or less.

The other areas are all well and good, but the highest return on investment will be the Grand Archives. Once you get into a rhythm, you can do it mindlessly. I know I have a few hours on my journey to get to max level.

Although it became too boring, I stopped and just started going through NG cycles, but it’s more powerful to you if that’s what you want to do.

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Dark Souls 3 Soul Farming: Best Tips And Locations - VeryAli Gaming (2024)


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